Duties Of Adoption Lawyers In Case Of Interstate Adoption

There are few lawyers that practice family law in US, which specializes in adoption and despite this fact only the best of representation could work in an adoption case. It may be considered a ‘happy law’, but it is not without its obstacles. It is important to know the state laws that govern adoption better, but knowledge of federal laws could do no harm despite the state laws ruling most of the adoption cases. The judge decides what is best for the child after considering the pros and cons of the case. In case the adoption is of interstate in nature, the adoption lawyers get the documents signed as per the laws of both states. Remember that an adoption is never signed pre-birth.

Interstate adoptions are increasing by the day, and all states have adopted the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) which is uniform to the states and is followed largely when compared to federal law. It is one of the major duties of an adoption lawyer to arrange for legal counsel for the birth mother, but it is the preference of the mother to waive such counsel. Remember counseling is charged and in case of a waiver the client stands to gain. In case of interstate adoption, both states have to be in compliance with ICPC. A lawyer for the birth mother’s side has to be arranged take care of state issues on related expenses.

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