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Causes of Missing Children

There are different opinions about how to find a missing child. In some states, the police officers can go missing and inform about the matter to the family or friends of missing children. But in other states, the police have no powers of finding a missing child. The parents who believe their children have gone missing may inform the local authorities about it. If the authorities do not pick up the case within a reasonable period of time, the missing persons’ families have the right to file a missing person’s case with the Indian Constitution or the state government to go about the search for their missing loved one.

Every country has different laws pertaining to Missing Children. For example, in the US, missing children cases are almost always handled by the state police and the FBI, with the first 48 hours being the period allowed for filing missing person’s report by the police. The first 48 hours also allow law enforcement to check all missing person reports that were filed in the previous day.

Under international standards, however, every state has the responsibility to determine whether a person is missing, whether the person is missing permanently, or whether he is considered missing permanently. In case of children, the entire process of investigating the disappearance of the child or children, interviewing the parents, witnesses, suspects and others becomes a state function later on. The same goes for all cases of disappearances of minors. The investigating agencies, through which the investigation starts, will be the responsible party for determining whether the case is being pursued legally. The procedure of investigating into a missing persons case also depends on the nationality of the missing person.

Aside from examining how a child goes missing, it is also necessary to examine the cause of the disappearance. There are several reasons why a person may go missing, but only four reasons are legally admissible. If the reason is considered valid, it goes to prove that the abductor or the abductee is legally responsible for the event.

The first reason for examining whether a missing child or an abducted minor is legally guilty is if he or she is under the age of 18 at the time of his or her disappearance. This is because the absence of such a person constitutes as a legal absence. Another reason for examining the cause of the disappearance is when a person goes missing with a legal representative, known as a private investigator. Another important reason to consider is if a person goes missing with someone else after traveling to another country. If the suspect travels to another country other than his or her home country, it will be necessary to consult the National Missing Children’s Services or the Family Division of the Department of Justice to determine the person’s legal whereabouts.

Aside from examining how a child goes missing or is abducted, it is also necessary to consider the behavior of the abductors, the way they escaped custody and whether ransom was paid or not. Ransom is one method that many experts recommend in dealing with runaway and abductions of children. It should be noted that even though there are cases of ransom demands, most of the time, the families of missing children would eventually pay any amount to get their loved ones back. Therefore, it would not always be the case that a missing child will have paid a ransom and therefore escaped from an abductor.

Most countries have an anti-kidnapping unit within their law enforcement agencies so that victims and abductors can be dealt with accordingly. The US has such a unit known as the Missing Children’s Assistance Project. In this unit and office, non-profit organization would provide assistance to families who need assistance in finding their missing child. This includes helping the families prepare missing child advertisements, conducting flyers and posters to advertise the need, putting up missing child signs and fliers at places where street children frequent, conducting online searches, developing contact lists of people who might know the missing child and contacting all of these people.

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