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Trauma Caused by Child Abuse

There are many different forms of child abuse and these include physical, sexual, chemical abuse and neglect. Physical abuse can include things like hitting, slapping, or throwing things at the child. Chemical abuse can include things like giving drugs to a child without telling them what they are doing. Emotional abuse can come from words or lack of communication like angering or withholding love.

The trauma caused by child abuse can range from just emotional to physical. Physical trauma can lead to problems breathing, bruising, and scars. Sexual abuse can lead to infection of the reproductive organs and infertility. Chemical trauma can cause chemical imbalances in the brain and mental health issues. Mental health issues can include depression and learning disabilities. Chemical trauma can also lead to emotional eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse and high school dropout.

Child abuse and neglect are forms of violence that affect a child throughout their childhood and possibly into adulthood. Neglect is when a parent does not provide nutrition, care, shelter, clothing, education, or security for a child that is living in their household. This can often lead to malnutrition and a decrease in growth. Child neglect can also lead to an increase in violence towards the child as they try to get care. This can lead to teenage delinquency and/or substance abuse as a way of getting drugs and alcohol off their system.

Child abuse and neglect can be physical or sexual. Physical abuse can include things like being hit with a baseball bat, having an iron rod or belt pulled on them, being burned with cigarettes or scalding with hot water. These injuries cause bleeding and can create scars. Sexual abuse can include being forced to have sex with someone who you don’t want to and never telling the child about it.

Child abuse and neglect can lead to substance abuse. When a child is neglected and/or abused, they may turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and try to forget about what has happened. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to teenage pregnancies, teenage boys and girls using steroids, and increased chances of experiencing a substance abuse and/or addiction problem in the future. When looking at child abuse and neglect, it is important to look at the cause of the abuse and neglect first.

Child abuse and neglect come in many different forms. The most common is physical abuse, which is usually related to sexual abuse. This can cause physical injuries and scars that can last a lifetime. Psychological trauma can be experienced during childhood when a child suffers from a tragic event such as being in a car accident, being abused by a family member, losing a loved one or being witness to a brutal act. Other forms of traumatic events can include witnessing an abusive act or being the target of an attack.

When looking at child abuse and neglect, it is important to consider the effects that it will have on the victim as well as their family. Children who are sexually abused are often fearful of going to school and often carry the scars from the abuse in their bodies for the rest of their lives. Children who experience physical abuse may experience physical injuries such as broken bones and bruises that can prevent them from going to school or even going out to the park. Neglect caused by a parent or guardian can also affect a child’s education. These types of cases can affect the lives of children, even after they become adults.

Child abuse and neglect can have a devastating effect on not only the physical health and wellbeing of the child but their mental health as well. There are many resources available to help victims seek recovery and get their lives back on track. Child welfare agencies and mental health professionals are available to work with families and provide support to make life difficult for any victim and their families.

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